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Working Together ~ Achieving Together

Dame Irene Loudon DSJDear Enquirer,

Hello and welcome to Advanced Alternative Medicine Glasgow where patient or client and I can comfortably work together to achieve successful outcomes.

When navigating my website, you will find that I am trained and qualified in the use of a broad spectrum of treatment methods both orthodox and unorthodox, ranging from the familiar and well-accepted to the radical and cutting edge. Those which I use are safe, gentle and non-invasive and do not involve pulse taking or blood, saliva, or urine testing.

In order to address the root cause of problems presented at my practice, I focus on bio-energetic regulation. This allows me to detect at the energetic level, emotional and physical ‘dis-harmony’ or ‘dis-ease’ which lead to the development of illness.

To appreciate this approach it is necessary to understand two basic facts:

(1) Everything, whether animate or inanimate has a vibrating energy field which gives it form. When the vibratory rate changes so also does the form - just as ice changes to water which changes to steam with increase in temperature. Over time, small, almost imperceptible changes at the vibratory level of the human body can lead to aberrations which can develop further and eventually manifest as symptoms.

(2) Vibrating energy fields interact with each other either favourably, neutrally or antagonistically. It is for this reason that foods, medicines, perfumes, jewellery - even people - or other types of matter which the body absorbs, carries, or is near to, can have an adverse effect on physical or emotional wellbeing.

Using bio-energetic regulatory techniques both ancient and modern, problem areas in the body’s energy field can be detected and treatment methods checked for compatibility and effectiveness. Based on over twenty years’ experience, I am acutely aware that no two people are identical and that to be effective, healthcare has to be truly holistic and tailored to unique personal requirements. Part of my professional success can be attributed to my broad spectrum of knowledge and ability to select, integrate and customise modes of treatment to match each patient or client’s individual physical, emotional and/or spiritual needs.

While useful in alleviating acute and chronic symptoms, my approach is also a powerful preventative measure, and can be used as part of a daily healthcare plan to correct imbalances as they arise, allowing one to enjoy better health over the long term.

When asked to provide just a few testimonials for my website, by way of encouragement to enquirers, I obtained a selection from patients whom I treated for debilitating illness some time ago and who continue to enjoy good health. By way of reassurance, I obtained references from two conventionally trained doctors who have broadened their field of practice to embrace alternative medicine.

It is my hope that you will have a healthy curiosity to find out more about me and the ground-breaking work in which I have been privileged to be involved.

I hope also that you will allow me the pleasure of helping you along an optimum path to improved physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Yours sincerely,

Dame Irene Loudon DSJ

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